Website Design

An Internet presence may not be a neccesity for every business, but it can be a huge part of your advertising savings.
It can mean :
A smaller local ad in a newspaper or magazine .
A fifteen second tv commercial instead of thirty seconds.

How much money will you be saving over the course of a year? You can have a completed website in one month for less than $100 per viewing page.

We design and host sites of one page to hundreds.


The information (web pages) on an Internet site must be stored on a computer that is accesible via the internet.
This information can be stored on a computer or server at your place of business or on a virtual computer (virtual server). Virtual server space is leased from a reputable company and keeps the cost of Technology services in your company to a minimum.

Domain Names

It's simple, turn your business name into your Internet site name.


We can register many different domain names, .coms, .net, .org, .info and country specific .co.uk, and many more.


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